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Our Story

ZBT prides itself on being an inclusive Jewish organization welcoming of any college man who understands and appreciates our Mission. ZBT will recruit and initiate men of good character — regardless of religion, race or creed — who are accepting of our Credo and Mission.

Founded in 1898, ZBT is the world’s first and largest Jewish Fraternity. Since our historic founding, more than 140,000 men have been initiated into our great Brotherhood. Again making history, in 1989 ZBT became the first fraternity to abolish pledging and all two-tier membership statuses. Our Brotherhood focuses on equal rights, privileges and responsibilities for all brothers. We firmly stand against all forms of hate in our communities, and we are working to create a safer and more inclusive college and community environment for all students.

ZBTs can be found in all aspects of life: business, entertainment, media, politics, tech, philanthropy and more. ZBT is a Brotherhood of Kappa Nu, Phi Alpha, Phi Sigma Delta, Phi Epsilon Pi and Zeta Beta Tau.

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