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Brother Spotlight: Brendan Kligerman

Last Spring and this Fall, rising junior Brendan Kligerman will represent Gator Party with a seat in the Health and Human Performance sector of the Student Senate. Hear what Brendan ("Klig") has to say about his role!

I first got involved in student government when I slated for a senate position in February. I was selected by the Gator Party to run for the Health and Human Performance Seat in Student Senate, and have been serving in that role the last few months!

As a senator, I vote on legislation written and submitted by my peers that directly affects the student experience at the University of Florida. I also serve as a general representation of the UF student body, and more specifically my college. Some of the projects we are currently working on are fixing the traffic problems around campus and combating social issues that are important to the student body.

I know how much my brothers are there for me and it means the world. There are several brothers in our chapter that are involved all across campus, and that inspired me to also get involved in any way I possibly could. Student Government seemed like a great opportunity for me because I not only get to make a difference on a campus I care deeply about, but it also helps prepare me for law school, which is one of my goals after I graduate. Having Gator Party Ambassadors Max Geller and Jagger Leach there with me when the election results were announced a few months ago meant so much to me.

I’m looking forward to working with my peers in the Senate to make our campus a better place and to make the student experience the best it can possibly be. Being one of the 100 senators on campus truly makes me feel like I have firsthand access to real decision-making, which is a ton of responsibility. It’s a very surreal feeling to be in “the room where it happens” every week.

I accredit so much of my success to my friend and my brother Brandon Gerardi. He has been there for me every step of the way and I couldn’t be more thankful. Brandon is someone that honestly exemplifies the four tenants of our credo, and I wouldn’t be the same person I am today without his guidance. I look forward to continue working with Brandon on projects both within our chapter and across our campus.

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