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ZBT International Convention 2022

Alex Kanfer ’22 received the “Most Outstanding Individual Brother Award” at the 2022 ZBT International Convention in Las Vegas! Before graduating in the spring, Alex served as the Director of Operations for two consecutive years, and the Standards Director during his last semester. Read about Alex's experience in ZBT:

"Back in the Fall of 2018, I chose ZBT because they were a warm and welcoming brotherhood that was unapologetically itself. Seeing a newfound Colony that had only recently reestablished itself on campus and had already made such an impact and had so much potential was so encouraging. It proved to me that I could make an impact on the Chapter as well. Based off all this and their unique energy during rush, I chose to join this brotherhood and have been thankful for the many opportunities it provided me with since. ZBT has helped me grow over the past four years by opening my eyes to all-new experiences and perspectives, as well as offering me some of the most definitive leadership experiences of my undergrad career.

Next year I am excited to take a position with the National Health Corps in Jacksonville as I apply to and prepare for Medical School. I'm looking forward to spending my time in a new city to me as well as basically working full-time in the healthcare field. Thankfully I'll be close enough to Gainesville to make weekend trips to cheer on the gators through the football season and visit some of my closest friends."

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